Kadri Toom

Hidden inside


The painting installation is focused on invisible space, empty fields and hidden structures in human.

It is common and usual to hear expressions like inner emptiness, inner voice, inner silence, inner balance, inner light. The existence of different places in human being is the essence of the exposition “Hidden inside”.

During the process of work I analyzed my own inside spaces. Above all revealed emptiness and silence. After some time and working period different visual fragments rose up. These images create the central illogical surreal story of the installation.

One visual fragment creates next ones, 1-3 frames a day, 7 days a week, 4 weeks a month. Accumulation, layers, reshuffle, organizing, awareness, structuring, lifting, finding, opening, arrangement, fading are taking place in unknown areas, inside invisible places.

It is a endless sequence of spaces what I am trying to organize and form.

During the work i got influenced by Georges Perec’s “Species of Spaces”, Efterklang’s “Piramida”, fabric patterns, stairs, paper plains, noise of trains, libraries and drawers.

Photos: Nele Tammeaid and Kalev Toom